Chattanooga, 1863.  The familiar profile of Lookout Mountain in the background

Chattanooga, TN 1863

The Chattanooga Rebel. On July 2, 1863 an article appeared which read:

“Whenever you hear an excited individual proclaiming on the streets the approach of several millions of Yankees to burn some bridge or take some village, you may know him for a designing liar who wishes to get up a panic, to justify his own indecent retreat from danger. Nevertheless, that need not prevent you from cleaning up your old rifle and putting a new flint to the hammer. There is many a brave man not in the field, but a home ready to do his part whenever his services are required; and we trust each one will put down the circulation of rumors and encourage the circulation of bullets.

‘Soldiers of the Army of Tennessee, from all the Southern States of your sunny land, the nation watches you with breathless interest”

Never give up!

Never give up! though the grape shot may rattle,

Or the full thunder cloud over you burst,

Stand like a rock, and the storm or the battle

Little shall harm you although doing their worst.

Never give up! if adversity presses,

Providence wisely has mingled the cup,

And the best counsel in all your distresses,

Is the stout-hearted watchword of never give up.


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