The Crisis in Connecticut, 28 Dead

God & Guns. Poster

The recent shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary school has been termed as a senseless act of violence. A more correct terminology for the tragedy is that it was a hideous, ugly act of violence and aggression by a 20-year-old who undoubtedly was possessed by a whole legion of demons from hell. We are all mourning the death of these innocents and our prayers are continually rising to heaven on their behalf.

Now, the rest of the story…the liberal news media is already beginning to suggest we need more gun control laws. Of course, the biased liberals have been looking for an excuse for years to take away our constitutional right to bear arms. Any sane, thinking American knows that if you take away guns only criminals will have guns. Cocaine has been outlawed as an illegal drug. Does that stop people from getting the drug if they want it? Case closed!

There would be no America if it wasn’t for the lay person militias who took up arms against the oppressive British to win our independence as a nation. We live in a great nation that should be for the people, by the people and of the people. If it ever becomes otherwise, every American has the right to take up arms against such oppression, even if it means standing against their own government.

We also have a right to protect ourselves. We are peace-loving Americans. But…if anyone invades our space and tries to bring bodily harm WE WILL EXERCISE OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!

These pea-headed, compromising, liberals need to leave America and move to a third world country and experience what is like to have no personal protection from thieves and murderers.

In the mean time, I am going to fight for my God-given rights guaranteed me by the constitution. In time, the wrongs will righted, and good will prevail. Getting rid of guns will solve nothing!


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